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"From childhood, I always had love towards animals and enjoyed their company. As I grew older I could see the tremendous amount of conflict between humans and animals - with many first hand experiences in confrontations with dog haters. I realized stray dogs are the worst affected. Since 2016, I have been feeding, rescuing and transporting distressed and unwanted strays of Pune. The everyday struggle of finding an NGO which would take in a medical case as fatal and as contagious as Gastroenteritis compelled me to envision a dedicated hospital for handling such cases. With the inception of MH14 Animal Hospital, we are continuously evolving to the changing needs of the growing urban and stray population of Pune. I am proud of my team of caregivers, donors and well-wishers who are socially conscious and extend their support towards this cause."


Sachin Dhumal

Founder, Earth Charitable Foundation



Our mission at MH14 Animal Hospital is to build a clean, hygiene and affordable Animal Health Care center in PCMC and around. Also, to protect and advocate for companion animals in need, and to build a humane community that promotes compassion and seeks to strengthen the human-animal bond.


To expand in different aspects of Animal Care. And, to analyse the causes of the existing problems and create solutions and improvements as to how the suffering can be relieved or prevented.


▪ To provide free first-aid, veterinary care and shelter at MH14 Animal Hospital

▪ To implement Animal Birth Control and Anti Rabies program for Indian street dogs.

▪ To bring about a change of consciousness regarding animals and nature, especially for stray, neglected, abandoned or abused animals.

▪ To inform local people and other individuals about the health aspects of holistic animal welfare.

▪ Educational/ Awareness programs to help locals to understand cruelty to Animals and help them to learn to coexist.

▪ Organize Adoption camps.

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