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Impact Areas

Contagious Diseases Care

Separate unit for contagious and fatal diseases like Gastro, tick fever, jaundice, distemper.


Animal Birth Control
(MH14 ABC Unit)

A state-of-the-art and dedicated facility - MH14 ABC Unit for stray dog and cat birth control. We conduct over 10 operations weekly through on-call appointments. Please contact our helpline to schedule yours.

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Stray Feeding

With our vast network of volunteer feeders, we are able to serve nutrition to far more neglected stray animals including dogs, cats, birds, etc.


Critical Care & Trauma Unit

24x7 hospital with animal ambulance for for accident, maggot & skin infection relief.

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We utilize our social media to find fosters or permanent homes for the rescued strays who visit us and have trouble going back to their neighborhood because of senior condition or being very young to survive alone on the streets.


Pratima Bhagat, Ashwini Kulkarni 

It is very well said, " The one who comes for help in emergency is nothing less than the Almighty"...
One such blessing we all volunteers got is in the form of Mr. Sachin Dhumal and his wonderful team of MH14. Such a polite, helping and dedicated staff. Never has been a case when we have gone for a rescue and he is not available for helping us. Just a call away and Sachin and his team will roll their sleeves up to help us save the animal. This has always boosted up our morale to go ahead and put our hands into saving a case as we know that team MH14 is always standing strong behind us with the doors open.

So many cases to talk about ...where our streeties were rescued and taken to MH14 for the it day or night. Not only this but also helping us with a major hand in sterilization drives and sponsoring Antirabies drive for our streeties. We highly appreciate the entire team of MH14 and wish them luck in their future endeavours. I am highly grateful to all of them and looking forward for a long association with such a wonderful team.

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